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Medium: Acrylic and Ink

size: 48x48

Stretched canvas on wood frame

Certificate of Authencity Included 


"It Ain't Easy" by Nai Bandz is a powerful illustrative portrait that pays homage to the West Coast hip hop pioneer Eazy E. Set against the backdrop of an anonymous Los Angeles high school campus, the artwork captures Eazy E in his youth, adorned in a black letterman's jacket and a Los Angeles Raiders baseball cap.

The predominantly black and white illustrative style of the artwork accentuates the starkness of Eazy E's persona and the urban landscape of Los Angeles. Yellow and purple accents, synonymous with the Los Angeles Lakers, add vibrancy and depth to the composition, symbolizing the cultural richness of the city.


Eazy E's stance exudes confidence and resilience, reflecting his unwavering determination to navigate the challenges of the streets and rise to prominence in the hip hop scene. The high school setting serves as a poignant reminder of Eazy E's roots and the formative experiences that shaped his identity as an artist and entrepreneur.


Through "It Ain't Easy," Nai Bandz captures the indelible legacy of Eazy E and the enduring influence of West Coast hip hop on popular culture. The artwork stands as a testament to Eazy E's contributions to the genre and his enduring impact on generations of artists and fans alike.


*All purchased artwork ships within 5 business days from Houston Texas. Shipping and delivery fees are included in total sales price of this piece.


$2,000.00 Regular Price
$1,800.00Sale Price
Excluding Sales Tax
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